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POEMS - A Masterpiece Collection

Disclaimer: These are not poems written by me, I had read these somewhere on the Net, was very inspired and hence sharing it with you. All credit goes to Unknown Original Writers.

"A bird sitting on the branch of a tree
isn't afraid of the branch shaking
or breaking Because the bird trusts,
not the branches but it's own wings"

A highly successful artist was once asked at an award function:
"Which is your best painting?"
He said:"My next Painting"
So let your aim always be higher...

A smile is like a Sim card &
Life is like a cellphone
Whenever You insert the Sim card of a smile,
A beautiful day is Activated.

Nobody walks with you
till the end of your life;
So don't wait for anybody's
company to start anything."

The size of the candles may differ
but they yield the same brightness..
Its not the matter of your position,
but your ability that shines......

A good plan of today is better
than a great plan of tomorrow.
Look backward with satisfaction
and look forward with confidence.